For who really loves excursions in the nature, it is very recommaned to visit the Viote's Park: the Botanic Garden in fact contains more than 1000 species of plants and flowers. In addition to the wonderful Botanic Garden, this locatios also offers a playing area for children, situated in the nature with a special geological path organized in collaboration with the Natural Science Muse. Starting from “Viote” it is possible to reach 3 peaks over 2000 meters: Cornetto (2180), Doss D'Abramo (2140) and Cima Verde (2012).


Fun and adventures are something linked together here in Monte Bondone. Numerous opportunity offers Monte Bondone to our appreciated Guests! Downhill is really loves from our Guestes, since our Mountain offers many paths. Very new and adavnced equipments will be provided in order to live the experience!


However, several paths and routs will let you admire and fall in love with such a great view of our magical mountains.